My next project involves this scene of a tree wrapped around an obelisk in the middle of a town. I was originally blocking out a street scene when I got enthralled in this idea of a tree wrapped around an obelisk. I drew some thumbnails and blocked in the tree. I had quite a bit of trouble on the leaves. For one thing, I felt they were not very convincing. Below you can see the original leaves for the tree.
I was not satisfied with the leaves so I went back through the process to create the current leaf system. It is way more stylized but I enjoy it way more.
The obelisk also was a lot smaller, I ended up added a bit more detail to what I had originally planned as the more I have worked on this, the more the obelisk has become the hero object.
The goal for all the textures is for them to be painted. I also plan on adding more debris to this plaza as well as lanterns and such, I probably will continue to experiment as well.

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